St Peter’s Church, Cogenhoe




Notice is hereby given that under the Church Representation Rules a new Church Electoral Roll is being prepared. All persons who wish to have their names entered on the new Roll, whether their names are entered on the present Roll or not, are requested to apply for enrolment not later than 22 February 2019.

John Grubb, Electoral roll officer, 9 January 2019

See the official notice as posted in Church here.

This year we are required to draw up a new electoral roll rather than revise the existing one. If you take no action then you will not be able to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and will not be eligible to stand for election to a church office.

Forms of application are available in Church and can be downloaded here as PDF or  Word

Please print off and complete the form and leave it in the box in Church or deliver it to the Electoral roll officer: Dr John Grubb, 114 Station Road, Cogenhoe NN7 1LU before 22 February.  Sorry but I am not able to accept forms by email, it must be on paper.