St Peter’s Church, Cogenhoe


Church Mice

Our monthly group for 0-5s and their carers.

We meet on the second Thursday of the month in St Peter’s Centre, Cogenhoe.

October 2014

A time for Mums, Dads, Grans or carers with pre-school children to be together for songs, activities and fellowship, toys and books to share …. and a cup of tea!

In October we shared the story of the mustard seed which grew from something tiny into a huge tree. We each had an apple and looked inside our apples to find the star, and within the star the seeds that will grow into new apple trees just as the children are all growing. Around the star is the flesh that feeds us – we tried it – it was sweet and crunchy!

We meet again on Thursday, 13 November at 2pm in St Peter’s Centre. Come and join us!

If you have any queries please phone Lesley on 01604 891185 or email