St Peter’s Church, Cogenhoe


Messy Church


November 2014

Please join us for a Messy Afternoon of Fun.

Held on the first Wednesday of each month from 3.30 – 5.30pm in term time.

We meet next on Wednesday, 3 December in Cogenhoe Primary School Hall. Come and join us!

Messy Church is an informal get together for families with pre-school and primary aged children.

We start at 3.30 with a drink and a biscuit for all and an introduction to the theme for the afternoon. There are then a range of activities for all the family to be involved in based on that theme.

Come and spend some quality time with your family. Be creative! Have time to worship and then eat together.

£1 per person – includes tea/coffee for parents, all activities and the meal.

In November our theme was Remembrance. We created a collage depicting the mud and chaos of the trenches, adding crosses to represent those who died in the fighting. We added individual poppies to a large poppy that was displayed in Church on Remembrance Sunday. We crushed the herb Rosemary to get some oil to try on a biscuit – we will remember the smell! We drew a picture of someone that we love and created a picture frame to surround it. We had a lot of fun with the catapults: we thought about how all that energy that the catapult uses could be channelled into bringing peace to the world. We also enjoyed decorating the ‘Paradise biscuits’ which reminded us of God’s promise to all of us that we would have a home with him in paradise.

In our informal worship we smelt the horseradish, tasted the stewed apple and the salt water as we remembered God’s promise to the Children of Israel when he brought them out of Egypt. We shared bread and ‘wine’ as we remembered  the last Supper and Jesus’ instructions to us to remember him whenever we broke bread or drank wine.

If you think you could help at Messy Church or would like more information please ring Lesley on 01604 891185 or email.

Messy Church is ten years old.  

What began in April 2004, in Cowplain near Portsmouth, as one congregation has since been joined by 2342 others worldwide.  

This fresh expression of church life builds upon Christ-centred elements of welcome, creativity, sharing food and celebration.  Most Messy Churches meet monthly, at a time that suits the community.  They seek to share Christ with families for whom traditional or inherited forms of church life feel alien to their experiences.  

Messy Church is a core ministry of the Bible Reading Fellowship.  The Messy Church Logo is copyright Bible Reading Fellowship © 2014. See