St Peter’s Church, Cogenhoe


Messy Church


June 2015

Please join us for a Messy Afternoon of Fun.

We meet on the first Wednesday in the month during term time in Cogenhoe Primary School Hall from 3.30 – 5.30pm.

Messy Church is ten years old.  

What began in April 2004, in Cowplain near Portsmouth, as one congregation has since been joined by 2342 others worldwide.  

This fresh expression of church life builds upon Christ-centred elements of welcome, creativity, sharing food and celebration.  Most Messy Churches meet monthly, at a time that suits the community.  They seek to share Christ with families for whom traditional or inherited forms of church life feel alien to their experiences.  

Messy Church is a core ministry of the Bible Reading Fellowship.  The Messy Church Logo is copyright Bible Reading Fellowship © 2014. See

Our next meeting is on 1 July in Cogenhoe Primary School Hall from 3.30 – 5.30pm when our theme will be St Peter. We will be making a boat, creating a ‘stained glass window’, painting a ‘rock’, having a ‘flat fish’ race, doing some magnetic fishing and building shelters.

Come and join us!  £1 per person – includes tea/coffee for parents, all activities and the meal.

There will not be a meeting in August or September.

If you would like more information please ring Lesley on 01604 891185 or email us.                                                  EH, CA, VV, LP, LH

 We accumulated lots of golden treasury pots, decorated some deliciously mouthwatering biscuits with chocolate coins and lots of sprinkles and made a ‘Paddington bear suitcase’ as a money box. We talked about sharing and demonstrated this by sharing the limited supply of Playdough; Bayley made an amazing volcano, Evie made a ‘pizza’ which she shared and Joshua made ‘sausages and chips’! Our story was about the poor lady who gave all she had for God’s work and how much better she was than all the rich people who made a big thing about giving lots of money. We remembered the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Messy Church is an informal get together for families with pre-school and primary aged children.

We start at 3.30 with a drink and a biscuit for all. There are then a range of activities for all the family to be involved in based on a theme, ending in informal worship where we draw together what we have learned from our activities before we eat together. Our theme in June was ‘Money matters’!  Tiddlywinks was a great success; everyone got quite skilled with their flicking and were getting lots of ‘coins’ into the central pot.