St Peter’s Church, Cogenhoe


Messy Church


July 2014

We ‘journeyed’ at the Village Hall in July: we had a ‘cardboard box train’ that we managed to load several of the boys into, we made boats which we sailed on the paddling pool at the end of the session, we created some swiftly flying paper aeroplanes, we were challenged to build a bridge just from newspaper.  We thought about Christians around the world and ‘dressed’ some cardboard dolls in gaudy costumes and fancy hats.

In our worship we journeyed with Paul around the Mediterranean finding out a bit about the early Christian church.

We finished off with a picnic outside; we were all starving after our journeying and consumed huge quantities of bread, cheese, tuna, carrots and tomatoes – and cake!

.Come and spend some quality time with your family. Be creative! Have time to worship and then eat together.

£1 per person – includes tea/coffee for parents, all activities and the meal.

If you think you could help at Messy Church or would like more information please ring Lesley on 01604 891185 or email.

Please join us for a Messy Afternoon of Fun.

The first Wednesday of each month from 3.30 – 5.30pm in term time

We meet again in the first week of October

Messy Church is ten years old.  

What began in April 2004, in Cowplain near Portsmouth, as one congregation has since been joined by 2342 others worldwide.  

This fresh expression of church life builds upon Christ-centred elements of welcome, creativity, sharing food and celebration.  Most Messy Churches meet monthly, at a time that suits the community.  They seek to share Christ with families for whom traditional or inherited forms of church life feel alien to their experiences.  

Key moments from ten years of Messy Church include: being featured on BBC Songs of Praise,; St Paul’s Cathedral in London hosting a Messy Church celebration; Spring Harvest becoming a popular place to dip into Messy Church seminars; Messy Nativity sheep trails popping up in shopping centres round the country each Christmas and attention from the national press.  Lucy Moore, the founder, says “as I look at the shouting, laughing, praying, awestruck, grateful, life-giving, weeping, eating, loving Messy multitudes gathered in churches around the world, it feels incredibly humbling.”  

Messy Church is a core ministry of the Bible Reading Fellowship.  The Messy Church Logo is copyright Bible Reading Fellowship © 2014. See